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January-June 2023
Volume 12 | Issue 1
Page Nos. 1-30

Online since Tuesday, June 27, 2023

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A mini-review of youth soccer match-play simulations p. 1
Mohammad Nor Aliff Bin Nordin, Muhamad Hamdan, Hosni Hasan, Mashidee Sulaiman, Sapto Adi, Raja Mohammed Firhad Raja Azidin
The physical demands of football during match play have been observed, investigated and mimicked in a more controlled laboratory setting through a number of studies meant to resemble the activity of an actual soccer match. However, there have been variations in the simulation's design across studies. This mini-review aims to assemble and align various protocols in simulating youth soccer match play in order to identify and assess the viability of combining numerous simulations into various research in the sport. This article is the first narrative review to discuss numerous protocols used in research towards reproducing youth soccer match-play demands in a laboratory-controlled environment.
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Compatibility of the 'Fun and Fit with Baby Exercise Programme' for mothers p. 8
Asha Hasnimy Mohd Hashim, Halijah Ibrahim, Zainal Abidin Zainuddin, Diyana Zulaika Abdul Ghani
Background: The positive effects of physical activity on health have been extensively recorded; however, mothers with young children often face difficulties when it comes to engaging in exercise. Aim and Objective: The objective of this study was to assess the programme's suitability for mothers with young children. Materials and Methods: A programme called 'Fun and Fit with Baby' was created, consisting of 5-week exercise routines. The programme included weekly gatherings, and participants were given assistance in following the guided exercise routines while carrying young children in a baby carrier. These routines were as follows: (1) exercises for balance and posture, (2) exercises for muscle toning, (3) exercises for fat loss, (4) exercises for core pelvic muscles and (5) cardio exercises. Twelve mothers with children under the age of 6 years volunteered to participate in this programme. The compatibility of this programme was measured through body composition measurement, questionnaire after the participants completed the programme and participant observation. Results: The findings indicate that the programme provided an acceptable and supported opportunity for mothers with young children to participate in physical activity. Conclusion: This initiative demonstrates that a group exercised with similar goals have a key role in influencing, enabling, and supporting people to participate in health activities.
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Comparing Malaysian and international track and field records through strength, weaknesses, opportunity and threats analysis to formulate strategies for performance improvement p. 14
Jin Seng Thung, Jianhong Gao, Christopher Pok Yong Hao, Nur Zubillah Azis, Mohd Quasyairy Ajmain Mohd Amin, Min See, Emy Nor Asmieza Mohd Nor, Mohamad Fajar Mohamed Kasim, Mohammad Hazwan Nizam Fazil, Lian Yee Kok
Introduction: Resources for improving Malaysian track and field performance are limited and this may lead to gradual performance decrement at both local and international levels. The objective of this study was to assess current Malaysian outdoor track and field performance against regional multi-sport games. Methods: A historical analysis approach was conducted to understand previous track and field records through examination and interpretation of available online archives. A total of 179 records from the Malaysian Open, Malaysian National Records, Southeast Asian Games (SG), Asian Games (AG) and Commonwealth Games (CG) were identified from online databases and converted into World Athletics score points for the analysis of strength, weaknesses, opportunity and threats. Results: The results revealed that 11 events (eight males and three females) were identified as Malaysian strengths that were highly likely to succeed in upcoming SG. Conclusions: A few Malaysian records were set decades ago and there is a significant decrease in performance. Considerable attention is needed to close the performance gaps with other countries and unveil the true performance potential of Malaysian track and field athletes. A long-term development programme for talent recruitment, coach development, technology utilisation and nurturing the local competitive environment is needed to meet the AG and CG standards.
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Content analysis of papers published in Malaysian Journal of Movement, Health and Exercise (MoHE) between 2013 and 2022 p. 21
Roosfa Hashim
Background: There are several scientific journals in the field of sports science that have been published in Malaysia. One of these journals that has been published regularly is Malaysian Journal of Movement, Health and Exercise (MoHE). Aims and Objectives: The purpose of this study was to analyse the development trends of subjects studied and published in MoHE between 2013 and 2022. Materials and Methods: A total of 174 articles published in 18 issues of MoHE between 2013 and 2022 were analysed. This study was conducted quantitatively by tracking the highest percentage of various subfields that have been published in MoHE. Therefore, the focus of this study is on the keywords listed at the end of each abstract for articles that have been published in MoHE. Results: This study found that MoHE has become a popular platform for researchers in the field of sports science to publish their research findings. Several subjects and important subtopics in the field of sports science have been identified as the focus of papers published in the MoHE. Conclusion: This study has proven that MoHE has been accepted as a platform for scientific debate and discussion in the field of sports science.
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Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in a healthy footballer undergoing knee surgery p. 27
Lee Chen Lai, Samihah A Karim, Jerri Yun Ling Chiu, Mohamad Shariff A Hamid
We described a 23-year-old male with no known medical illness, diagnosed with non-obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). The patient was scheduled for arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery following an injury he sustained during football game few years ago, which he played leisurely. Prior to induction of general anaesthesia, the cardiac monitor showed abnormal deep T-wave inversion in leads II, III, aVF and V1–V6. The surgery was cancelled, and he was referred for further cardiac evaluation. Clinically, he was asymptomatic of heart condition with New York Heart Association Class 1. A further investigation revealed that he had non-obstructive HCM. A further investigation revealed that he had non-obstructive HCM with Modified Lee's cardiac risk assessment before non-cardiac surgery was 6.6% (moderate risk). We treated his left knee injury conservatively and advised him on being physically active based on the European Society of Cardiology Guidelines 2020.
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